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Industrial Division

We fabricate your dreams in to reality. Our dedicated fleet of structural engineers, civil engineers and draughtsman prepare all the drawings, designs, calculations. They have been working round the clock for many projects.

  • Troubleshooting of Shearing machine, Sheet bending & Cutting Machine.
  • Troubleshooting of Line Foaming Machine & Radial Drill Machine.
  • Troubleshooting of Hydraulic Ramp.
  • Forklift Hydraulic works
  • Mobile Crane - Mounting, repairing, fabrication and supply
  • Structural fabrication 
  • Heavy steel fabrication
  • Fabrication of water proofing foaming machine.
  • Fabrication of road marking paint mixing unit.
  • Conveyor belt structure design & fabrication.
  • Circular bodied tanks
  • Beams / Truss fabrication.
  • Silo - Design and fabrication.
  • Nitrogen Cylinder Refilling.
  • Other related fabrication works.


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